Welcome to Prepaid Card Services Prepaid Card Services is a Card Issuer that can provide BIN Sponsorship or fully managed Virtual Card programmes for use in all areas of industry. We specialise in creating Virtual Card programmes that deliver value to the card holder and increased revenue for our customer.
  • BIN Sponsorship
    BIN Sponsorship CashFlows Prepaid Card Services can provide BIN Sponsorship for your card programme, enabling you a compliant connection to the Visa and MasterCard payment network.
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  • Virtual Card Programmes
    Virtual Card Programmes CashFlows Prepaid Card Services is the integrating partner working between the Card Scheme, Processor and Loading Agencies to deliver you a full end-to-end Virtual Card programmes.
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  • Prepaid Express
    Prepaid Express Prepaid Express is very different to traditional prepaid programme management, as there is no programme setup or costs, you simply upload your card design and pay for the quantity of cards you need.
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The CashFlows Card

The CashFlows Card is a new and innovative approach to help you manage and stay in control of your business' finances, and reduces the time taken to manage staff expenses. You can load funds using a variety of different methods and the cards can be given to staff members who can use it anywhere on the global Visa network.

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Client Case Studies

  • T24
  • Netmoney Connect
  • Mayzus
  • Olympus
  • Prego
  • ROK